Our plumbing services includes the following:

- Pipework Alteration & Replacement
- Immersion installation & repairs
- Storage Tanks
- Plumbing Pump Systems
- Leak Repairs
- Shower Repairs
- Bathroom Installations
- Power Showers & Booster Pumps installations
- Blocked Toilets & Drains
- Burst Pipe replacements
- Tap Repairs


If you find that you're system is producing less heat than normal, we will investigate the casue and if required, carry our a power flush.
The process involves our engineer to drain your system and connect the power flushing machine. The boiler, pipes and radiators are then flushed with a cleaning chemical.
We will then dd a corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion occurring.

All you need ot do prior to this proceudre, is to ensure that the heating was left on for about an hour before the technical visit to determine if power flushing is required.
This procedure can vary in time, on average 4-6 hours.